Quick list of Do's & Don't for Curtains


• Consider the purpose of the curtain - are they dress curtains or will you be using them to stop a draft? The decision you make will influence how much fabric is required and whether you line them with an insulating lining.

• Decide which colour or pattern you will use for your fabric, whether these will be the feature in your room, or whether they will compliment other furniture you have as accent pieces.

• Curtain widths should be wide enough so that when the curtains are closed, there is still fullness to them.

• Consider the pole or track you will use - there is more choice than you may think and it's all in the finishing touches.

• Decide whether you would like contemporary trimmings and tiebacks, pom poms are particularly popular at the moment.


• Use a pole that's too narrow for the window - this will force the curtains to stack over the window meaning you will lose light.

• Hang curtains within the window frame - if you wish to do this, or if there is not enough room for curtains outside the window, it's best to consider a blind instead.

• Cut down on fabric widths to save money, this makes curtains look flat and unattractive.

• Try to avoid using silks on windows which receive a lot of sunlight as this may cause them to disintegrate and fade.

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