Pros & Cons for Shutters vs. Curtains

Window shutters seem to be everywhere at the moment, from new builds to established housing estates. The question is, are they a better alternative to curtains and blinds? We’ve listed a few pros and cons between the two options which you may not have considered:



Insulation Since we are coming in to the colder months of the year, curtains are more of an essential for insulation and keeping out the cold air. It’s especially nice to have a floor length pair of curtains to close you off from the dreary darker weather. Curtains can be made to measure with interlining. Interlining is an extra layer of material between the decorative fabric and the backing lining, it gives your curtains a fullness as well providing an extra barrier to prevent cold air coming in and warm air escaping.

Acoustics If you have a large room which is prone to echoes, you may find installing some curtains will help reduce the noise. Lined curtains that extend to the floor help to muffle sounds from both inside and outside the house. If you live on a busy road, some made to measure curtains will help absorb the sound of cars driving by.


As well as having many practical uses, curtains are also great for updating a room with a new colour or pattern. The possibilities are endless when it comes to changing a room. From curtain headings (view infographic here), to fabric styles and textures - there are multiple ways a room can be updated through changing the curtains alone.

Multitudes of design

The possibilities are endless with the different styles, colours, patterns, weaves and materials you can use as your window dressings. Curtains tie up the overall design of a room and add character to a living space. It’s one of my favourite things going through a new pattern book with the latest colours and designs at my fingertips.


Certain fabrics can make the overall cost more expensive Some fabrics can be more expensive depending on the way they’re made. For example, a thick woven fabric will have a higher price point due to the manufacturing process behind creating a more intricate piece. Despite this factor, there are also lots of brands with intricate, delicate designs which won’t break the bank - at Tiger Lily Interiors, we have a vast range of fabric books which cater for all price ranges.

Cats have a tendency to climb them! Need I say more? Although it’s easy enough to train them out of it, it’s not ideal having your curtains ruined by your feline friend.



Good for light adjustment Shutters are particularly good for managing the light that enters your house throughout the day. The ability to move the slats within the panels allow you to regulate the natural light that enters your home.

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Modern and aesthetically pleasing

As well as being modern, shutters also have a classic and timeless design. Shutters compliment all interior styles, whether it’s minimal or traditional. As they are plain in colour, you can accessorise the surrounding space in your home without having to worry about updating your window treatments.


Light can bleed through

Window shutters are not completely blackout which means they’re a bad move in the bedroom if you appreciate your sleep.


There are different tiers of window shutters and none of them are cheap! For a mid-range set of shutters, you could be looking at anything from £1000.

Longer lead time

Most shutters are manufactured in China, therefore due to production and shipping you could be waiting 10-12 weeks before they even reach your home. An unfortunate disadvantage to having them shipped from overseas is also a higher chance of damage in transit.

At Tiger Lily Interiors, we specialise in bespoke curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. We also have contacts with shutter specialists in the industry and will happily put together a quote for this service. Get in touch today to receive a free, no obligation quote.

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