Motorised Blinds - the future is now!

Motorised blinds are becoming the next soft furnishing trend, opening and closing a blind is now achievable at the touch of a button.

There are many advantages to having motorised blinds.

1. Child safety

By legal requirement, there are child safety procedures in place to reduce the risk of children being caught in the chains attached to blinds. Having a motorised blind takes away the option of a chain meaning further peace of mind for the safety of your children.

2. Convenience

Unfortunately, some blinds can be in awkward or hard to reach locations. Motorised blinds will diminish your struggle at an instant. No more climbing over seating and furniture to reach the drawstrings or chains.

3. Security

Going on holiday? Most motorised blinds can now be linked with your amazon Alexa. Set a timer for when you would like your blinds to close to give the illusion of being in your home whilst you’re relaxing in a foreign country.

Interested in modernising your home with motorised blinds? Get in touch for a free quote and consultation.

Photo credit: Rol-lite Blinds.

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