Blackout Blinds - The Benefits

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

By Leanne Butler, Owner of Tiger Lily Interiors

Does your anti-social work pattern effect how you sleep at night?

Research has found that between the years of 2007 and 2017, the number of retail employees working night shifts in the UK has increased by 50%. It’s unsurprising that with access to 24 hour online buying, receiving goods within a smaller time window is now an expectation. Almost 70,000 people work nights in the UK retail sector, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Airport work is another large percentage of the statistic. Having Gatwick Airport on the doorstep to most towns in West Sussex and Surrey, the number of jobs available are much higher, but they usually come with anti-social working hours.

There is a simple solution to a better night (or in most cases, day!) sleep. Blackout lined blinds and curtains are the industry recommended product for decreasing the amount of daylight entering your room, as well as minimising drafts.

Privacy is also a winning feature of a blackout curtain or blind. For example, if your sitting room is one which faces the street, closing the blinds of an evening will eliminate the chances of nosy neighbours peeking in at what you’re watching on television.

Interlined Curtains

Interlining is an addition to the blackout lining. It is an invisible layer of fabric sewn between the visible sections of your curtains. It has a similar texture to wool and increases the insulation of your windows. There are seasonal benefits to having interlined curtains, in the winter the extra layer will prevent warm air from escaping the room and cold air from entering. During the summer, the layer will hold the cool air making it much more bearable, especially after the recent weather!

So why should you replace your current curtains or blinds?

  1. Wake up naturally without sunlight blasting through your curtains.

  2. Save money on heating with insulated blackout.

  3. Increase your privacy.

Research shows that a good night sleep has health benefits such as, improved memory, spurs creativity, sharpens attention, lowers stress and prevents depression. What are you waiting for?

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