A Guide to Roman Blinds

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

By Leanne Butler, Owner of Tiger Lily Interiors

Beautiful grey feather roman blinds

What are they? Roman blinds have been around for countless years, an excellent alternative to curtains for blocking the sun whilst looking visually pleasing. Roman blinds are visibly different from standard rollers or shutters. The fabric folds stack evenly when opened and appear like a flat piece of fabric when closed.

What about child safety?

As years have gone by, there have been changes to child safety laws for any kind of blind with a cord or chain. There are now in-built safety mechanisms including chain break connectors (the chain snaps open under pressure) or seperate safety systems such as a tensioning device or cleats which prevent the loose chain becoming a hazard for children.

Which rooms can I use them in? Roman blinds are versatile for any room due to the variety of different fabrics and colours which can be used. Most often used in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, they often have blackout lining or interlining to prevent fabric fading and increase insulation. You can read more about linings in this blog.

Roman blinds don’t have to be banished from the kitchen or bathroom either - there are companies that produce water repellent fabrics, ideal for rooms with high moisture.

Do I fit my Roman blind inside or above my window? It works both ways! Something to consider is how large or small your window is. If you have a smaller than average window, having the blind outside the recess (recess is the opening space inside your window) will make your window look larger and will not restrict the light coming into the room when open. If you plan on having both curtains and blinds together, it is recommended that the blinds are fitted inside the recess, so as not to obstruct the curtain track or pole.

What features can I add to my Roman blinds?

There are so many beautiful additions you can make to your blinds, my favourite would have to be pom-pom trimmings. Villa Nova have recently launched a picture-book collection which is targeted for children’s bedrooms and I have to say the trimmings are very sweet, view here. An alternative addition would be to have a pelmet (a narrow border of cloth or wood, used to conceal the top of a blind or curtain track) which finishes a window dressing off nicely and adds further insulation to the room.

Interested in new roman blinds in your home? Contact Leanne today.

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