7 Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

By Leanne Butler, Owner of Tiger Lily Interiors

Autumn and Winter are slowly but surely drawing in, the temperature has dropped and long gone are the days of blissful sunshine from June and July. It’s not all dark and dreary though, earlier evenings mean quality time spent at home. With the new Autumn and Winter trends beginning to surface, why not take the opportunity to revamp your house into a warm and cosy space.

Autumn/Winter 18 mood board

1. Navy Blue

Blue is a colour which suggests peace and tranquillity. The colour promotes a calm, serene and relaxing environment. Ideally this would be featured in a bedroom, or as a spotlight colour in a living room. Teamed with gold or another warm colour, this will be a winning combination in your home.

2. Gold Combining warm, metallic colours with dark blues or greens will promote a feeling of space in a room. Usually gold is an accessory piece, however, it’s developing into a statement colour this season. Gold fits well in most rooms, promoting appetite, warmth, optimism and energy. Avoid featuring this in the bedroom, unless you don’t plan on sleeping!

3. Bold Shapes Geometric, stripes, spots, you name it! As long as it’s full of colour, you can’t go wrong. This is a fun trend for a living room or bedroom. Geometric shapes usually encourage feelings of trust, security and balance. A pile of colourful cushions will bring this style together in your room, the only rule is to make sure the shapes are contemporary!

4. Large Print Florals Big, blown up floral pieces are excellent for feature wallpapers in a living or dining space. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated mural, the style can also be effective on lampshades, cushions or bedspreads. Sensory features are what allow us to engage well with a room. The colour and beauty of flowers are pleasing to the eye which promotes a feeling of comfort.

5. Modern Neutrals

Natural looking wooden elements and furniture create a simple and pleasant looking space. The stripped back wood gives a clean and fresh feel to a room, most beneficial in a dining space, or in a living room with plenty of grey tones and blocked colours.

6. Dusty Pink ‘Old fashioned’ pinks are back in, ‘dull’ and ‘dusty’ tones are here for the Autumn and create a lovely warming sensation. Dull pinks are known for being calming, nurturing and compassionate. Combine these pink tones with metallic accessories and neutral wooden furniture to encapsulate the perfect Autumnal feel.

7. Black Black accessories are very trendy for the upcoming seasons. Monochrome is fashionable at the moment, although it is a very personal taste. Not to say we won’t be tempted by the black and white faux fur throws and blankets which are surfacing with the change of climate. Black is often associated with wealth and mystery, but is also very effective at making other colours stand out. A monochrome kitchen will give a clean and sleek effect.

At Tiger Lily Interiors, we’re here to offer professional advice as well as an insight to the latest trends. Our made-to-measure services in curtains, blinds and other soft furnishings are hand sewn and crafted with care and attention to detail. Book a free consultation today. Call Leanne on 07976 249 652 or email info@tigerlilyinteriors.co.uk

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