6 Paint Palettes for a Cosy Home

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

By Leanne Butler, Owner of Tiger Lily Interiors

I’ve recently received a paint chart from Sanderson by Style Library and their new colours are right up my street! I thought it would be a great time to talk about which of these colour combinations would work together.

1. Hall, Stairs and Landing

These cool, calming colours are great as an entrance to a wide hallway. This peaceful colour palette would be great for a modern home with minimal decoration. As mentioned in my colour psychology blog, blue is also a colour that promotes confidence and optimism, perfect as a first impression for visitors!

2. Kitchen (Style 1)

Layering shades of green has become very stylish over the past couple of years. Another optimistic colour, sage and darker shades of green are on trend and would look fantastic on kitchen cupboard doors.

3. Kitchen (Style 2) Corals and oranges! Living coral was Pantone's colour of the year for 2019, and I can see why! It’s a beautiful, vibrant colour - perfect for a kitchen as it stimulates hunger. Sanderson have released a new colour to their paint palette called, Rowan Berry, it has a burnt orange, terracotta hue. I’m also a big fan of the Smoketree Light swatch, it’s a delicate soft grey with a lilac undertone. I would recommend using this palette for a bold kitchen theme.

4. Living Room (Style 1)

Golds and neutrals work really nicely in a living room, it allows the option to play with bold colour accents too. My own living room is themed around golds and neutral florals, it’s the cosiest room in the house, ideal for relaxing in the evening.

5. Living Room (Style 2) I’ve recently seen a lot of living rooms with red walls, grey accents and neutral carpets. I love it because opens up so many styling options. It also evokes a feeling of warmth and depth, it would work well with tartan cushions and throws.

6. Dining Room I often imagine a warm welcoming dining room to have dark wood furniture and the colour palette I’ve pictured below would compliment that style. ‘Vineyard’ is a deep green hue with a grey undertone and would work as a feature wall, or as a feature in the room. ‘English Grey’ is a tonal grey-green shade that evokes harmony and tranquillity.

Sanderson (Style Library) are just one of the many trade accounts I hold at Tiger Lily Interiors. Get in touch today to book a free quote and consultation for your home.

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