5 Interior Design trends for Spring/Summer

interior design trends for spring and summer

We are due some interesting choices for interior design this Spring and Summer. From mix and match patterns, to bold maximalist mustard features, the 2019 trends are getting more exciting by the season.

Mix and Match Patterns

This Spring and Summer is set for a variety of patterns. Plain sofas, rugs and walls should be complemented with a diversity of patterns in the same tones of colour. Select different patterned features in cushions, curtains, lampshades and wall art.

Textures Woven, weaved, embroidered, silk… different textures which are all working well together this season. A tactile trend is on the horizon and it’s working particularly well in bedding and cushions.


Who would have thought it? Mustard is not only a popular feature colour, it’s now being recommended to use in vast quantities. Think sofas, wallpapers and curtains, larger investment pieces which work well with teal or navy blue.

Open Shelving This kitchen trend is very pleasing to the eye. Forget covering up with cupboard space, it’s now very trendy to have your utensils on show! Long, open shelves are set to transform a kitchen into an inviting and welcoming space.

Scalloped Shapes Scalloped furniture is becoming very popular. It’s not just sofas and chairs, you can get creative with scallop edged mirrors, tables, lampshades and more. Art deco is sliding back into the 21st century.

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